Crop Insurance Deadline for Filing Post-Harvest Claims and Production Declarations

November 15 is the deadline to file post-harvest claims and 2017 production declarations. Once harvest is complete, Saskatchewan Crop Insurance customers are reminded to fill out their production declarations.

Posted Nov. 09, 2017

Reporting production helps producers build a personal growing history which is reflected in their insurance, tailoring it to their growing experience.

Production declarations are also insightful for indicating if a producer is in a claim position. Producers are covered for both losses in yield and quality. Producers are encouraged to file their claims and production as soon as harvest is complete. By filing early claims can be processed sooner allowing for quicker finalization of payments.

Ease of filing from a home computer or a mobile device can be realized online with CropConnect. Through CropConnect producers can file all their production and register a claim. If they do not want to submit their information through CropConnect producers can complete their form, mailed to them in September, and return it by mail, fax, phone or by dropping it off at any of the 21 Crop Insurance offices across the province.

Producers can also complete their form, mailed to them in September, and return it to their local Crop Insurance office by mail, fax, walk-in or phone.

If producers are not finished harvest as of November 15, they should request an extension of insurance. To register a claim or request an extension of insurance producers can contact their local Crop Insurance office or call toll-free 1-888-935-0000. To access more information visit


For more information, contact:
Rae Groeneveld
Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation
Melville, SK