The Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation (SCIC) is reminding producers to review the choices and options available for 2015 and to enrol, renew, or make any adjustments or changes to their coverage by March 31, 2015.

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CropConnect is designed to work with those customers who want to conduct more of their Crop Insurance business online and reduce or eliminate paperwork. With CropConnect, you can enter insurance selections, estimate costs with insurance calculators, add or delete crops, review your coverage choices, price levels and crop features. With CropConnect you can select, enrol or cancel coverage online by March 31. 

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Today Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz and Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart announced details of the 2015 Crop Insurance Program which includes ongoing enhancements, giving producers more choice and flexibility to build an insurance package suited to the needs of their operation.

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The window is now open for Saskatchewan cow-calf producers to access market price protection for their spring born calves. 

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March | Crop Insurance

March 31 - Deadline to apply, reinstate, cancel or make changes to your 2015 Crop Insurance contract, including all crops to be insured and coverage levels. Report any land you have added to or deleted from your contract. Customers who want insurance for 2015 must make arrangements for payment of any outstanding balances by March 31.

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March | AgriStability

March 31 - Deadline to submit your interim application.

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