Adjusting procedures for clubroot management

The Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation (SCIC) has taken steps to mitigate the spread of clubroot disease.

Posted Sep. 21, 2017

Following the discovery of an infected canola plant in the northern growing area of Saskatchewan in late August, SCIC has implemented additional biosecurity measures. These include:

  • Restriction of SCIC vehicles in fields where inspections are occurring;
  • Cooperating with producers to access fields for conducting field inspections;
  • Use of boot covers and/or disinfection of boots by adjusters; and
  • Proper disinfection of tools and/or vehicles used in the field.

Clubroot is a serious soil-borne disease which affects crops like canola. Clubroot spreads with the movement of spore-infested soil. It often shows up first at field entrances where equipment carrying infested soil makes first contact. A key measure in preventing the spread of clubroot disease spores is by restricting the movement of contaminated soil between fields.

SCIC understands the importance of canola production to the province and wants to do its part to help restrict the spread of clubroot disease. If you have questions about SCIC’s adjusting procedures please contact your local Crop Insurance office or call 1-888-935-0000. More information about clubroot disease can be found at: