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Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation (SCIC) has procedures in place to assist family members with the transitioning of the farm between generations.

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Family Farm Transfers

  • If you are involved in a contract that involves one or more family members, you can use production records and experience credit obtained from the family farm for your own contract.
  • Yield history, along with seeding intensity and experience discount, may be transferred directly to the new farmer having a minimum of experience with the previous contract. This process is called a transfer of earned credits (TOEC).
  • To be eligible for an intergenerational transfer the applicant must not have previously been insured under the Crop Insurance Program and must not have held a Contract of Crop Insurance with SCIC.
  • Young farmers without this experience, can have the transfer of contract experience phased in over three years. This process is called intergenerational transfer.

For more information on the intergenerational contract process, contact your local Crop Insurance office or call 1-888-935-0000

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