Crop Insurance

Crop Insurance is part of suite of business risk management programs under the Growing Forward 2 Agreement. Crop Insurance provides insurance for crops that experience a loss in yield, whether it is due to an insurable cause of loss in the quality or quantity of the insured crop. The insurance provides coverage in the event a crop fails to grow or excess moisture prevents a crop from being seeded. Producers can select from a variety of coverage levels, price options and program options.


The multi-peril insurance program offers coverage on a wide range of crops and varieties. Insurance that's as unique as your farm.



Organic-specific coverage that will address the special risk and higher crop values associated with organic production.



SCIC has a program for producers who grow forages for seed, sale or feed. Regardless of your operation, SCIC has options to meet your needs.


Weather Derivative

Precipitation and temperature values during the growing season are the basis for the weather-based programs offered by SCIC.


2017 Crop Insurance Program Highlights


You work hard to look after your farm. SCIC can help.

We’ve been growing with our province’s farmers and ranchers for over 55 years, with programs personalized to your needs and with service when you need it.

How we support producers

  • Experience and Knowledge
    We have over five decades of experience, with knowledgeable, localized staff who know the needs of today’s producers – because they are producers too.
  • Modern Programs
    We work with the industry to keep pace with new advancements and to ensure our programs meet the needs of farmers and ranchers today, tomorrow and always.
  • Be Online with CropConnect
    Enjoy the convenience of 24/7 access. Conduct your business with a paperless option and review past claims, yields and more. Click here to learn how to activiate your account.
  • Personalized Coverage
    We’ll work with you to offer personalized, individual coverage that reflects your farm.
  • AgriStability Risk Management Program
    It works with Crop Insurance to protect your farm from factors you can’t control, like rising input costs or declining commodity prices. To enroll in AgriStability, call toll free at 1.866.270.8450 by April 30, 2017.

The numbers to back it up

  • 25 days
    The average claim turnaround time from the first phone call to receiving a cheque
  • 4 programs
    Delivered by SCIC to protect your farm operation
  • 90% coverage
    Offered through our Crop Averaging Program at no additional cost.
  • $217 per acre
    The average coverage for 2017.
  • $500,000,000+
    Claims paid out to customers in 2016

Unseeded Acreage

  • Starting in 2017 producers’ Unseeded Acreage claims will be included in the calculation of the experience discount/surcharge. This will affect producers’ 2019 individual discount/surcharge.

We're Here for You

We’re producers too. We understand the challenges you face. That’s why our staff works with industry to build strong insurance programs that meet the needs of producers like you. We’re here for you, providing personalized insurance and quick action on your claims.

The deadline to apply, cancel or make changes to your Crop Insurance contract is March 31, 2017.

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