Crop Insurance

Crop Insurance is part of a suite of business risk management programs under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership. Crop Insurance provides insurance for crops that experience a loss in yield, whether it is due to an insurable cause of loss in the quality or quantity of the insured crop. The insurance provides coverage in the event a crop fails to grow or excess moisture prevents a crop from being seeded. Producers can select from a variety of coverage levels, price options and program options.


The multi-peril insurance program offers coverage on a wide range of crops and varieties. Insurance that's as unique as your farm.



Organic-specific coverage that will address the special risk and higher crop values associated with organic production.



SCIC has a program for producers who grow forages for seed, sale or feed. Regardless of your operation, SCIC has options to meet your needs.


Weather Derivative

Precipitation and temperature values during the growing season are the basis for the weather-based programs offered by SCIC.


2018 Crop Insurance Program Highlights


We understand what producers need because we're producers too.

We understand the challenges Saskatchewan producers face. That's why we're here to help - with personalized insurance and quick action on claims. Our team works with industry to build strong insurance programs, so that producers receive comprehensive coverage, now and in the future.

How we support producers

SCIC continually works with industry to ensure its programs are effective and responsive. Program enhancements address the changing needs of farmers and ranchers in this province.

  • Average coverage for 2018-2019 is $216 per acre
    • The 2018 average premium is $8.41 per acre down from $8.53 per acre in 2017.
  • Forage Insurance Enhancements
    • Fire insurance is now included under the Forage Rainfall Insurance Program.
    • The Forage Rainfall Insurance Program has additional weighting options to provide greater flexibility and customization.
    • Forage restoration coverage for flooded hayland is now part of acres insured for tame hay or alfalfa seed.
    • Corn Heat Unit Program weather stations are expanded across the province to give growers greater choice and coverage related to their area.
  • Changes to Price Options
    • With more farmers moving to contracts to market their grain, SCIC is adding six crops to its Contract Price Option: barley, commercial canola, oats, hard red spring wheat, durum wheat, and CPS wheat. Inclusion of barley provides producers the opportunity to insure at a price reflective of malt contracts.
    • Due to declining participation, the Variable Price Option will be removed from SCIC’s price options (grains only). The In‑Season Price Option will still be available.
  • Predation Compensation Rate Increases
    • Rates were changed to closely reflect the actual lost value of calves killed by wildlife by basing the price on the value of the marketable livestock regardless of when the animal is lost to predation.
  • Bee Mortality Insurance Individual Deductible
    • This deductible reflects the loss rate and management practice of insured beekeepers.
  • Intercropping
    • This spring, producers who practice intercropping can insure these crops, regardless of combination, under the Diversification Option.

Did you know?

  • Yields reported each year build a producer’s personalized coverage that reflects the growing experience of their farm.
  • Producers who claim infrequently receive a discount on their premiums.
  • Family members taking over the family farm may qualify for the discounts and yields applied to that land.
  • You asked and we delivered! CropConnect gives you the flexibility to identify and report your acres the same way you farm. You can now organize and report your acres by adding field names, linking multiple fields together or splitting fields. Be online with CropConnect. Make your 2018 Crop Insurance choices from your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Click here to access your CropConnect account.

Here At Every Turn

We understand the challenges Saskatchewan producers face. That’s why we’re here to help — with personalized insurance and quick action on claims.

Our team works with industry to build strong insurance programs, so that producers receive comprehensive coverage, now and in the future. We understand what producers need because we’re producers too.

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