Final Call for AgriStability Program Participation Deadline

The Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation (SCIC) is reminding producers December 31, 2018, is the final deadline to submit 2017 AgriStability Program forms and pay 2018 AgriStability Program fees.

Posted Dec. 10, 2018

Producers must pay Program fees by the end of December to participate in AgriStability for the 2018 Program year. If the fee is not paid, the producer will not have the opportunity to access support from the Program for 2018. Enrolment/Fee Notices were issued earlier in the year providing details on the fee and the deadline for payment. April 30, 2018, (or 30 days from the date on the enrolment notice, whichever is later) was the initial deadline for paying Program fees. A 20 per cent penalty will be added to the fee if producers missed this initial deadline.

All forms for the 2017 Program year need to be submitted by December 31 to ensure producers can access AgriStability benefits. The initial deadline for submitting Program forms was September 30. Forms received after this date, but before December 31, will have a $500 per month penalty; however, if no benefit is generated, no penalty is applied.

Submitting program forms ensures producers are meeting a key program requirement for accessing their AgriStability benefits. Keeping AgriStability Program information current and up-to-date is important. If a producer does not file annually, there will be a gap in the information needed to build the reference margin and this will cause delays when processing future program forms.

If producers were in Crop Insurance last season, they can easily access last year’s acres and crop production information for their farm. Simply call SCIC and ask for your AgriStability Preparation Report. With this in hand, producers can finish their AgriStability Program forms quicker than ever before.

Producers also have a number of options to meet this deadline. The program forms can be submitted through AgConnect, as well, producers can review their Enrolment/Fee Notice and detailed Calculation of Benefits. AgConnect lets you quickly send AgriStability information to SCIC, allowing processing to begin sooner. SCIC also continues to accept AgriStability Program forms through mail, fax or at any of the 21 Crop Insurance offices across the province.

For more information, please contact your local SCIC office, visit or call toll free to 1-866-270-8450.


For more information, contact:
Tessa Krofchek, Communications Consultant
Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation
Phone: 306-728-7239

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