The Forage Rainfall Insurance Program and the Corn Heat Unit Program were introduced to provide producers with options to tailor their coverage to their operation and expand on limited coverage options for non-traditional crops.

What's New

SCIC works with industry groups such as the Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association, Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities, Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association and the Saskatchewan Forage Council to ensure its forage programs are effective and address the needs of today’s ranchers.

Forage Rainfall Insurance Program:

  • Fire Insurance is now included under the Forage Rainfall Insurance Program. This is to offset the financial losses forage and livestock producers are facing from the impact of fire damaged pastures.
  • Additional weighting options are added to provide greater flexibility and customization.
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Corn Heat Unit Program:

  • The number of weather stations used for the Corn Heat Unit Program is expanding from 16 to 131. This will allow for the Corn Heat Unit Program to be expanded province wide, responding to producers growing the crop in new areas of the province and giving growers the opportunity to select a weather station that better reflects the conditions on the farm. Click here to learn more »