AgriStability is one of the risk management programs offered under the Growing Forward 2 agreement on agriculture policy. AgriStability is designed to help farm operations facing large margin declines caused by production loss, increased costs or market conditions.

Program Fees

To participate in the AgriStability program all producers must pay annual program fees.

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The AgriStability Program compares a current year program margin to a historical reference magin to determine benefits for producers.

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Processing Applications

SCIC requires producers submit information annually to calculate program benefits.

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A producer will receive program benefits when their program margin falls below 70 per cent of their reference margin.

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What's New

Don't forget, your AgriStability form submission deadline is almost here.

The Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation is reminding producers an important date for participation in the AgriStability Program is coming up. September 30, 2016, is the initial deadline for producers enrolled in the program to submit their 2015 program forms.

Submitting program forms is part of the annual process for participating in the program and the information provided determines whether the producer qualifies for a benefit payment and builds the farm’s program history. Producers who file by September 30 can be certain their financial profile is up to date and their individual reference margin is established and available should something unforeseen happen to their farm.