Strategic Plan

SCIC has developed strategic themes that correspond to the goals and direction of the Government of Saskatchewan. Where the government aims for economic growth, accountability and support of Saskatchewan families, SCIC will focus on producers, innovation, teamwork and community, accountability and leadership.


We believe in service excellence for a strong agriculture economy.


We provide an exceptional customer experience to farmers and ranchers through diverse programs and superior service.


We value focusing on the producer, leadership at all levels, innovative thinking, teamwork and community, and accountability to ourselves and others.

Strategic Priority - Focus on the Producer

Goal - Provide exceptional customer service

Strategy - Evaluate opportunities to enhance SCIC’s customer service model

Key Actions

  • Identify needs and tailor customer service for farmers and ranchers
  • Align customer service functions
  • Use a one-team approach to enhance customer service and program effectiveness
  • Develop a digital strategy to provide innovative tools to do business with SCIC

Strategy - Develop an integrated marketing plan to promote program awareness and understanding

Key Actions

  • Implement a marketing plan to link branding, communications and customer service
  • Promote program awareness and create learning opportunities for customers

Goal - Effective business risk management programming that meets the needs of producers and industry

Strategy - Engage Saskatchewan farmers, ranchers, industry and stakeholders to enhance programs and services

Key Actions

  • Evaluate the impacts of Growing Forward 2 on the AgriStability Program through a mid-term review surveillance strategy
  • Evaluate the WLPIP pilot for consideration in the next agriculture policy framework agreement
  • Work in partnership with the provinces and the federal government in negotiating the next agriculture policy framework agreement
  • Review and optimize insurance programs to ensure programs are relevant to farmers and ranchers
  • Complete analysis and review on predation and wildlife compensation programs

Strategic Priority - Accountability

Goal - Provide effective and efficient program and resource management

Strategy - Develop and maintain sustainable business risk management programming

Key Actions

  • Evaluate reinsurance options and other mechanisms for long-term premium rate stability

Strategy - Align resources, appropriate tools and infrastructure to deliver programs and services

Key Actions

  • Develop an integrated process and planning review model and sustain a balanced corporate portfolio for projects, through the evaluation and enhancement of a Portfolio Management Strategy
  • Provide leadership, guidance and training to foster a Lean culture utilizing strategies in day-to-day activities in an environment where all employees are encouraged to identify and adopt efficient work practices
  • Enable the secure and cost effective implementation of integrated technology for program delivery
  • Develop and implement an agile financial system for current and future needs of the Corporation
  • Develop a succession management framework

Strategy - Support government accountability through compliance

Key Actions

  • Conduct compliance audits to ensure program claims and benefits are paid according to corporate policy and program guidelines
  • Implement an internal audit plan

Strategic Priority - Leadership

Goal - A great place to work

Strategy - Encourage and promote a values-based culture

Key Actions

  • Implement communications, risk and change management plans into the project planning process
  • Implement a values-based performance management system
  • Continue to enhance internal communications strategies to help support and drive a values-based culture and high performing organization

Strategy - Support employee wellness, health and safety

Key Actions

  • Implement Occupational Health and Safety and wellness strategies

Strategy - Attract, develop and retain an engaged and talented workforce

Key Actions

  • Develop a workforce strategy
  • Develop a talent management strategy
  • Continue to develop initiatives and learning and development opportunities to ensure staff are successful

Strategic Plan