Adjustments to Fair Market Values

Adjustments have been made to some of the 2012 wheat values. The adjustments are a result of acquiring additional information to calculate the fair market values. The following classes of wheat for August – December 2012 have been affected: Price Lists

Also note: The Canada Western Extra Strong (CWES) class of wheat, codes 4630 and 4632, will no longer be published. Producer’s growing this class of wheat will need to provide their own information to value any inventory. SCIC apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.

2013 AgriStability Program Changes

AgriStability Continues to be margin based providing assistance for larger income losses. As a result of the Growing Forward 2 agreement reforms were made to ensure AgriStability responds to disaster situations. Changes include 70 per cent margin coverage, harmonized compensation rates, limited reference margins and lower program fees. To learn more go to:


New AgriStability Forms

SCIC is bringing the AgriStability program closer to producers.  Starting in 2012 (2011 program year) all participants must submit their supplemental information (inventories, payables, receivables, deferrals and purchased inputs directly to SCIC.  Previously individual participants had to submit this information to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Learn more ...

SCIC Delivery of AgriStability

SCIC is committed to building strong, positive relationships with its customers. The staff are knowledgeable of the local farming and ranching industry; providing high quality customer service. The same quality and knowledge will carry foward to the AgriStability program, creating enhanced communication and local access to staff. The AgriStability program will complement other business risk management programs delivered provincially, such as crop insurance, so the best possible service is provided, helping create a reliable and responsive program.

Part of SCIC's committment to enhanced customer service has been the introduction of AgriStability Advisors.  These individuals are based out of the SCIC Customer Service Offices and are available to meet and discuss any AgriStability issues or concerns. Backed with strong agriculture and program knowledge, these individuals can consult with participants ensuring effective use of this business risk management program.  Find your closest AgriStability Advisor.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) can be contacted for AgriStability inquiries prior to the 2009 program year. Contact AAFC.

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