2018 Calendar Photo Contest

Thank you to all who participated in our #Farm365 2018 Calendar photo contest. The images tell a great Saskatchewan Agriculture story.

Congratulations to Tracey Cholin of Kerrobert, Saskatchewan.

Honourable Mentions

A special congratulations to the following people whose photos are featured in our 2017 Calendar:

  • January - Bob Ferguson of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • February - Robert S. Thompson of Milestone, Saskatchewan
  • March - Jenny Hagan of Eatonia, Saskatchewan
  • April - Alecia Weinheimer of Langenburg, Saskatchewan
  • May - Swn Nesvold of Assiniboia, Saskatchewan
  • June - Tracey Cholin of Kerrobert, Saskatchewan (Grand Prize Winner)
  • July - Colby Sproat of Kipling, Saskatchewan
  • August - Tracey Cholin of Kerrobert, Saskatchewan
  • September - Gwen Nesvold of Assiniboia, Saskatchewan
  • October - Dorothy Seibold of Stranraer, Saskatchewan
  • November - Rory Jones of Conquest, Saskatchewan
  • December - Robert S. Thompson of Milestone, Saskatchewan

2018 Calendar

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